To better help you replace your customized cutting boards, Cutting Board Werks has created a Scheduled Cutting Board Replacement Program (SCBRP). This new program allows you to automatically reorder cutting boards at no additional hassle to you.

Scheduled Cutting Board Replacement Program

We understand how important it is for your cutting boards to meet safety regulations, which is why the Scheduled Cutting Board Replacement Program helps you meet those regulations at no hassle. With the SCBRP, you can satisfy any interested authorities, including the most stringent Environmental Health Departments, with our certification of sanitary replacement.

The SCBRP allows us to replace your cutting boards as needed so your boards are up-to-date and clean. For example, any restaurants that need continuously replaced cutting boards per their health codes can now get their cutting boards at a scheduled period.

COVID-19 and Cutting Boards

This replacement program is perfect for any restaurants and kitchens that shut down during COVID-19 and are attempting to reopen.

Since so many restaurants shut down during the pandemic, cutting boards were left to sit and collect dust and germs. It’s now vital to replace these boards with clean, fresh ones as the kitchens reopen and welcome guests back.

Cutting board replacement

How to Create a Schedule Cutting Board Replacement Program

Creating an SCBRP is simple. When you are checking out with Cutting Board Werks’ shopping cart, you will see an option to complete an automatic reorder at the bottom of the page.

Simply fill out the option to schedule a replacement for your cutting board order. You can even customize the replacement time. For example, you can replace your cutting board every six months, depending on what you prefer.

This will help instill a sense of confidence in your health inspectors, resulting in a streamlined and stress-free inspection process. This also prevents you from having to go to our website every few months to reorder; instead, it is automatically done for you.

Cutting Board Werks

At Cutting Board Werks, we recommend replacing your cutting boards every six to eight months, or as needed, depending on the grooves in the cutting boards that can house harmful bacteria. Our plastic cutting boards come in an array of colors and sizes to best fit your needs.

Create your Scheduled Cutting Board Replacement Program today with Cutting Board Werks.