Meet Sean O’Callaghan

Sean O’Callaghan has been in the food industry for his entire life. He first grew up in the food business before starting in restaurants. Then he joined a manufacturer’s representative firm, and now he has created his own cutting board business.

About 20 years ago, Sean joined a manufacturer’s representative firm in Sacramento, California, called Restaurant Equipment Professionals, or Rest Equip Pro. Rest Equip Pro, which formed almost 30 years ago and represents over 20 manufacturers, functions as a commissioned-based business. Sean desired to do transactions directly with his customers, and shortly after, he found a way to implement this idea.


In June 2019, Sean made a plan to create a byproduct of the main business and sell customized replacement cutting boards after he attended a trade show and learned about the boards. One of Sean’s hobbies is woodworking, and he figured that cutting a board out of plastic couldn’t be that different from cutting wood.

After an initial first few weeks as a proof of concept on the business, Sean decided to jump into the idea as a commercial supplier of customized replacement cutting boards and expand its reach beyond northern California.

Creating customized replacement cutting boards means Sean can continuously serve customers that need to replace their boards over time. He also has no limit on what kind of boards to sell – the customer can customize the cutting board to fit a specific size, thickness, material, color, edge treatment and special instructions, including a handle cutout or juice groove.

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