Our HDPE Cutting Boards

Our customized replacement hdpe cutting boards are made to specifically fit any food space preparation area. We work hard to guarantee that our customers are satisfied with their hdpe cutting boards by making the cutting boards ourselves. We doesn’t sell plastic cutting boards from other brands or companies. With this mindset, each cutting board is priced by the inch, making our cutting boards cheaper than any of the online competition. Our ability to include our precision softedge treatment at no cost to you also helps us beat out the competition feature-wise. You simply tell us the details, and we make the cutting board.



Cutting Board Werks currently uses only one type of material for its cutting boards: high density polyethylene, or HDPE polyethylene. HDPE is acid, chemical and corrosion resistant, lightweight, dishwasher safe, easily cleanable and doesn’t absorb moisture.

Commercial Cutting Board Colors

Even though most hdpe cutting boards are known for their natural white color, Cutting Board Werks offers a rainbow of options for clients, depending on the different foods that will be cut on the boards. The different colors are to help avoid cross-contamination of food products.

Natural white = dairy and cheese

Red = raw meat

Yellow = raw poultry

Green = produce, fruits and vegetables

Blue = raw fish or seafood

Beige = cooked meat

Black = bread and grain – also popular with sushi chefs*

As with any cutting board, no matter the material, the board eventually needs replacing, a task that Cutting Board Werks is more than happy to assist with. We can offer replacement reminders specific to your previous board order so you don’t have to worry about the hassle of reordering. Even though there is no set time limit on when to replace a cutting board, boards should be replaced once it becomes difficult to clean or the board has deep grooves that can house bacteria. Make sure your board meets the health code and is clean.

Other Options and Shipping

Cutting Board Werks also offers several options along with our custom cutting boards. We sell OEM replacement boards and HDPE sheets in two sizes: 4×8 and 5×10 feet. For the OEM replacement boards, please have the model or part number ready when you are ordering.

Cutting Board Werks has a next day ship guarantee so our customers don’t have to wait long to receive their cutting boards.

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