Customizing our HDPE Cutting Boards

Unlike most online cutting board sellers, Cutting Board Werks doesn’t sell cutting boards from other brands or businesses. Our customized cutting boards are made by us in-house for you using quality material to guarantee your satisfaction.

Making a customized replacement cutting board is so easy that Sean can have the finished product in a local client’s hands the next business day. The entire process takes place in a warehouse at his Sacramento location.

Here is how we make a customized cutting board:

  1. Sean orders a pallet of HDPE or Richlite material.
  2. After a client orders a customized cutting board, Sean will cut the rough outline of the cutting board from the HDPE or Richlite sheet at his cutting table.
  3. The rough cutting board is taken to a router table for dimensioning – the board size is more finely defined, and the edges are treated.
  4. If there are any special instructions, such as a juice groove, this will happen next.
  5. A heat stamp is placed on the board before being packaged.
  6. The customized cutting board is delivered the next day for local customers.
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